• Dr. Glen Martin

    Political Legitimacy of the Earth Constitution

    The leadership of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) very much affirms the idea that groups thinking about a constitution for the Earth use the WCPA Constitution as a model or paradigm that they might like to draw from. Read more

  • Dr. Roger Kotila

    Earth Constitution Strategies

    The Earth Constitution, a blueprint to build an emerging democratic world federation -- a backup strategy if UN reform" proves inadequate. If the UN cannot be turned into a democratic world federation, then the Earth Federation will fill the void. Read more


20th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World

View 'Features' Article, Conference: "Building the World Parliament" 2018


The Central Theme is 'Planetary Crisis and Human Liberation'. On and from 27th December to 31st December, 2019, at Kolkata, West Bengal, INDIA In Collaboration with WCPA (World Constitution & Parliament Association), IOWP (Institute of World Problems), IPPNO (International Philosophers for Peace),(USA), Gandhi Seva Sangha, International Council of Human and Fundamental Rights and several other Peace Organizations from India and abroad In Promoting Intercultural World Peace Movement with an expansion of Federation of Earth Movement Proposed Programmes: Inauguration with release of Spl. Volumes & ‘Culture and Quest’ on the Meet, Art & Book Exhibitions, WCPA Sessions, IPPNO Sessions, Writers’ and Poets’ Meet Sessions, Symposia, Cultural Meets, Sectional Meetings, Valedictory session with ISISAR’s Peace Award – 2019 & ISISAR’s Felicitations, Distribution of Prizes to the position holders in Art and Essay competitions, Adoption of Peace Resolution, Valedictory Address etc. Dear Peace lovers, With due respect, we beg to inform you that our society - ISISAR has again drawn up a comprehensive programme on proposed ‘Peace Meet’ dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi with a view to providing an opportunity to share one another’s progressive and pragmatic attitudes for creating a wide-spread peace awareness of people in organizing ‘Intercultural World Peace Movement’ with an expansion of ‘Federation of Earth Movement’ against religious, cultural, social and political conflicts with a proper organization of a ‘Non-violent World Peace Movement’. We cordially invite you to attend and participate in the said conference with presentation of your learned papers/poetry and or presentation of your thoughtful observations. For more information and registration form: E-Mail: / Web: