The Gusi Peace Prize was awarded to Dr. Martin, President of the WCPA, for recognition of his global work on behalf of world peace with justice under the Earth Constitution. more

Why the U.N. Must Be Replaced. 1- Failure to solve global problems; 2- Defects in organization; 3- The UN Charter cannot be amended; 4- Proposed improvements without amendments are delusions. SOLUTION? Replace U.N. Charter with the Earth Constitution more

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17th World Chief Justices Conference

"Building the World Parliament" conference will meet at Maharashtra Institute of Technology, in Pune, India, (MIT, Pune) on December 29, 30, and 31, 2016. Participatory: non-paper-presenter participants are very welcome. All sessions are plenary in the "Round Table" conference hall. To view "Building The World Parliament" Conference information go to the FEATURES article on the World Parliament homepage.