Remembering Henry Philip Isely

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Thank you, Peter

It was all what he was - a GREAT MAN, a fighter for World Peace, through World Constitution and Parliament Association! He use to say that he didn't finish the job he was sent on Earth, a peaceful World Government, but of course , he did - he put THE BASE, the most important, so the future generations will work further to establish World Government to solve the World Problems.
Thanks to all of his friends and co-workers for the warm words for Philip, my dear husband.
Let him rest in peace.
With love
Eli, his wife

Jelica Eli Isely more than 5 years ago

17th World Chief Justices Conference

"Building the World Parliament" conference will meet at Maharashtra Institute of Technology, in Pune, India, (MIT, Pune) on December 29, 30, and 31, 2016. Participatory: non-paper-presenter participants are very welcome. All sessions are plenary in the "Round Table" conference hall. To view "Building The World Parliament" Conference information go to the FEATURES article on the World Parliament homepage.