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2018 Chief Justices Conference

View 'Features' Article, Conference: "Building the World Parliament" 2018

"Building the World Parliament" 2018 will meet at Jindal Global University, in Haryana, near Delhi, India, Nov. 8-10, 2018. The International Conference theme is The Earth Constitution and Building the World Parliament under its authority. CALL FOR PAPERS & PARTICIPANTS Conference Early Registration fee: 1000 rupees for participants and 2000 rupees for paper presenters. Students or hardship 300 and 600 rs. Deadline for early registration is October 30, 2018. This should be paid in advance of the deadline on the website of - Please send your registration fee along with your Name, address, position, phone numbers, email address. After October 30, registration fee for participants is 1500 rupees and 2500 for paper presenters. Students or hardship 400 and 800 rs. Participants are responsible for their own transportation costs. Room, board, and conference materials are generously hosted by O.P. Jindal Global University.