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Political Legitimacy of the Earth Constitution

The Constitution is not generally accepted by the population of the Earth, and since it does not have institutional mechanisms to enforce itself as the supreme law for the Earth, this places its current status in a very interesting "in-between". more


Earth Constitution Strategies

The Earth Constitution, a blueprint to build an emerging democratic world federation -- a backup strategy if UN reform" proves inadequate. If the UN cannot be turned into a democratic world federation, then the Earth Federation will fill the void. more


17th World Chief Justices Conference

"Building the World Parliament" conference will meet at Maharashtra Institute of Technology, in Pune, India, (MIT, Pune) on December 29, 30, and 31, 2016. Participatory: non-paper-presenter participants are very welcome. All sessions are plenary in the "Round Table" conference hall. To view "Building The World Parliament" Conference information go to the FEATURES article on the World Parliament homepage.